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 We are all energy. All part of one. No separation. Just energy, light and vibration.

You hear this and you have moments where you glimpse it ever so briefly and then it's gone. But recently during the group meditations I have been running, it has become stronger a...

Meditation is a way to let go and allow yourself to heal. 

Meditation is a way to transform yourself and your life. It lifts you up and allows you to see things from a different perspective. It opens doors and helps you to close others.

The meditations I run combine bot...

I'm a big believer in letting go of your past. Letting go of things that are holding you back from happiness, joy and peace. We are designed to heal. To grow and to evolve. Our past pain gives us great strength and wisdom and makes us who we are, but we are not me...

Last week I completed a sadhana (spiritual practice) that required me to give up all forms of media and entertainment for 9 days.  No TV, social media, books, magazines or music. 

I disconnected from the buzz of the world while still living in it.

It was like a ret...

We all live in a bubble of energy that is called our Aura. This bubble can float up and down depending on our thoughts, moods and energy. We bounce through life rising and falling, experiencing the whole spectrum of life's emotions. The higher our vibration, the b...

What is 2017 your year to do?

How will you embrace the New Year and a new you? Not that there is anything wrong with the you you are right now but it never hurts to fine tune and polish the wonders that are you, or if required to give yourself a massive overhaul once in...

There is a lot going on in the Universe at the moment. Energies are shifting and changing, beginnings and endings, ups and downs. Part of this can be attributed to a mighty supper moon that is on the rise and this Sunday I will be running Satsang and tuning into this l...

I was chanting this morning and this is what I heard.

It is so easy to forget why we are here.

To get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

To get lost.

To forget.

To remember why we are here

is one of the greatest achievements we can have here on Earth,

in  a body.


Did you know that when we get scared and anxious, and go into flight or fight mode, our base chakra disconnects from the earth?   This as you can imagine can be very destabilizing and ungrounding and the best thing we can do is get reconnected again.  But how do we d...

We all have a little child inside of us, wanting to make contact, wanting to be heard and loved. It is our inner child, the key to self love.

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