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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Wo

I help you connect to your Soul
and raise your vibration, using energy healing, spiritual activations and inner child work.
I assist you to let go of heavy stuck energies, thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from finding true Harmony, Balance and Health.
Selene xx 

What I offer you

Group and individual sessions available online or in person

Balance your inner landscape.

Individual, couple and group sessions available.

All services available via Zoom. Transform from the comfort of your own home

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Dandelion Leaves


“Selene's healings have helped me to move through a lifetime of deep rooted energy and darkness. 
With such a nurturing presence, I felt open, supported, protected and free to release all that was holding me back.
Selene showed me the path and rituals needed to move toward the light and live from this space. 
I am forever grateful for our connection and your pure divine light.

Thank you Selene "

Erin 29

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Just wanted to let you know what an impact your energy healings have had on my life!

My frequent & severe headaches are now rare and mild,

my insomnia is improving day by day, I'm mending a

lost friendship that I thought was gone for good, I feel more in control of the indulgences that I was once a slave to and I have 

even let go of a past relationship I thought I'd never get over!


I feel soooo peaceful and comfortable within myself. WOW!!!


Even if none of that happened, I come away from your healings feeling like

I'm floating on a cloud of serenity : )

So thank you Selene, you really are a miracle worker for me and thank you thank you thank you!!! You rock" 


Andrew 52

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