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For mind, body and spirit

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During multiple sessions with Selene we have moved stuck unwanted energy. Selene has helped me begin the journey of going within and facing myself. Throughout a session I feel extremely connected to a higher divine source and my spirit guides.

Selene has a kind nature, an uplifting spirit and a gentle approach. She genuinely cares for her clients!

I am very thankful to have met Selene on my journey, and aside from the healing sessions always being an amazing experience, she has given me clarity and helped me see different perspectives I was over looking at the time regarding issues in my life.

I highly recommend Selene to anyone on the healing path!

Anneliese  23



Just wanted to let you know what an impact your energy healing massages have had on my life!

My frequent & severe headaches are now rare and mild,

my insomnia is improving day by day, I'm mending a

lost friendship that I thought was gone for good, I feel more in control of the indulgences that I was once a slave to and I have

even let go of a past relationship I thought I'd never get over!


I feel soooo peaceful and comfortable within myself. WOW!!!


Even if none of that happened, I come away from your healings feeling like

I'm floating on a cloud of serenity : )

So thank you Selene, you really are a miracle worker for me and thank you thank you thank you!!! You rock" 


Andrew 52

Follow the path of life force

As she flashes upward like lightning

Through your body.

Attend simultaneously

To the perineum, that bright place

Between the legs,

To the crown of the skull,

And to that shining star- place

Above the head.

Notice this living current

Becoming ever more subtle as she rises,

Radiant as the morning sun,

Until she streams outward from the top of the head

Into all-embracing gratitude.


Thus become intimate with the life of all beings.



'The Radiant Sutras' 


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