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for mind, body and spirit

What I offer you


During multiple sessions with Selene we have moved stuck unwanted energy. Selene has helped me begin the journey of going within and facing myself. Throughout a session I feel extremely connected to a higher divine source and my spirit guides.

Selene has a kind nature, an uplifting spirit and a gentle approach. She genuinely cares for her clients!

I am very thankful to have met Selene on my journey, and aside from the healing sessions always being an amazing experience, she has given me clarity and helped me see different perspectives I was over looking at the time regarding issues in my life.

I highly recommend Selene to anyone on the healing path!

Anneliese  23


 We are all energy. All part of one. No separation. Just energy, light and vibration.

You hear this and you have moments where you glimpse it ever so briefly and then it's gone. But recently during the group meditations I have been running, it has become stronger and clearer. 

This notion that there is no beginning and ending, no you and no me.

And it is just so beautiful.

It happens when you expand your consciousness t...

Meditation is a way to let go and allow yourself to heal. 

Meditation is a way to transform yourself and your life. It lifts you up and allows you to see things from a different perspective. It opens doors and helps you to close others.

The meditations I run combine both meditation and energy healing to allow you to go deep, to transcend and to heal. I target your chakras, your thoughts and your beliefs and give them an upgrade...

I'm a big believer in letting go of your past. Letting go of things that are holding you back from happiness, joy and peace. We are designed to heal. To grow and to evolve. Our past pain gives us great strength and wisdom and makes us who we are, but we are not meant to be bound to it. We are meant to learn from it, grow from it and then move on.  When we hold onto our pain we suffer again and again. All the negative em...

Last week I completed a sadhana (spiritual practice) that required me to give up all forms of media and entertainment for 9 days.  No TV, social media, books, magazines or music. 

I disconnected from the buzz of the world while still living in it.

It was like a retreat but instead of taking myself away somewhere peaceful and quiet I was at home going to work and cooking dinner like always. It was a very interesting ,eye op...

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Just wanted to let you know what an impact your healing massages have had on my life!

My frequent & severe headaches are now rare and mild,

my insomnia is improving day by day, I'm mending a

lost friendship that I thought was gone for good, I feel more in control of the indulgences that I was once a slave to and I have

even let go of a past relationship I thought I'd never get over!


I feel soooo peaceful and comfortable within myself. WOW!!!


Even if none of that happened, I come away from your healings feeling like

I'm floating on a cloud of serenity : )

So thank you Selene, you really are a miracle worker for me and thank you thank you thank you!!! You rock" 


Andrew 52

Floating on waves of sound

Guided Sound Healing Meditation


A combination of sound healing using crystal and Tibetan bowls, energy healing and guided meditation. 

Float away on the sounds of the bowls.
Be transformed as their vibration lifts you up and echoes through your body.
Let go of pain, anxiety and heaviness.
Allow yourself to be transformed.


Suitable for all levels.


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Take the first step, discover who you really be.