The seminars I offer give you the opportunity to learn about yourself on a very deep level. We look at the energy body (our chakras) and the multidimensional reality that guides and creates all of what we do and experience in our lives.
Ignite Your Spirit
This seminar focuses on the chakra system and the energy body. 
Empowering Relationships
This seminar looks at relationships from a spiritual and energetic perspective. You learn to become empowered within your self and you relationships as you discover your own needs and how to meet them.
All seminars are small and intimate designed to create and space where you feel comfortable sharing and going deep with your learning and journey of self discovery.
You are given practical and useful tools that you can take away and practice in your every day life.
All seminars off you a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, to clear blockages through powerful healing meditations and transform yourself and your life.