What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?

Our life is full of examples of how energy expresses itself in our bodies, a broken heart, butterflies in our stomach, the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Our thoughts and emotions quite literally play out in our physical world and weigh us down.


Each and every one of us has an energy field that surrounds us known as our Aura as well as several major energy centres along our spine called the chakras. Together these form our energy body and are where we hold and store the energy of our thoughts, emotions, experiences and memories, both good and bad.

We build and strengthen our energy body every day through thinking, feeling and reacting to life and most of it is unconscious.

Energy healing is a non-touch form of healing that works directly with our energy field to remove the energies that are holding onto the past and the problems that create negative situations in our life.


As these negative energies are released we allow ourselves to build a stronger healthier more positive energetic makeup, bringing with it a more positive outlook on life and a more positive reality. Over time and with guidance and support we can become one of those lucky people!


What to expect

During a healing session your energy body will be given a thorough clean. You may feel different sensations as the negative energies are released from your body, this is just the energy moving and is completely normal. Thoughts, emotions and memories may also surface as they present themselves for healing.

The energy body "talks" to us both during the session, providing information that can be used to help facilitate the most effective and transformative healing.

Throughout the healing you will be directed to focus on certain areas of your body, areas where you may be feeling pain or discomfort as well as the chakras which relate to different aspects of your life. Energy is directed into these areas by the healer while you use your breath, mind and voice to release, cleanse and clear blockages, stuck emotions and other forms of negativity.

Once your aura and chakras have been cleaned and cleared and the negativity has been released you are filled up with positive thoughts and beliefs, allowing positive energy to form and grow.

Results will vary depending on how deep and complex an issue is. Sometimes things flow easily and you feel and see immediate results while others take time to work through. More complex issues that go deep and carry a lot of pain are best taken slowly, removing the layers, working through the wounds, and allowing yourself to heal at a rate that is safe and nurturing.

The healing and its effects continue once your session has finished and you will be given tools that you can use on a daily basis or as need be to help you to deal with life's issues and to prevent you from falling back into old patterns of thinking and behaving.


Having someone to educate and support you through the process as you change and grow is of utmost importance.

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