My meditation has once again coincided with the full moon so it is a great opportunity to reflect, let go and move forward.

If you have been feeling a bit shaky over the past few days it could be in response to this shifting energy. We can, however, connect to this energy of healing and transformation and use it to heal and grow.

And that is exactly what we will do this Sunday!

We will start with some simple yogic breathing exercises to ground you and bring you into your centre.

We will then call on the energy of your Soul, the moon and all of your guides to assist us on our journey of higher consciousness.

As a trained energy healer I will tune into the needs of the group and your guides and lead you through a visual guided meditation. Throughout your journey, you will be instructed to say certain release commands and positive affirmations which will assist you clearing and balancing your mind, emotions and your chakras.

Following the meditation is the opportunity to discuss your experience and make new friends over a cup of tea with likeminded people.

Sunday 6 pm

$20 / $10 concession

Please RSVP as early as possible to secure your spot and receive the address.