The wisdom is inside you

We have an extraordinary amount of wisdom stored within us. We have had so many lessons in our life and gained so much through the trials and tribulations of life.

But we forget.

We often ask others for advice, for guidance. We seek help in books and in the stars. And they are all valid ways of opening our minds to other ways of thinking and gaining a new perspective.

But what about the wisdom that is in you?

What about the innate knowing you have? Your gut feeling, your intuition and the knowledge you have acquired running around this earth getting to were you are now?

Never underestimate the vast amount of help and guidance you can gain from with your very being.

And I think another thing is we can give so much advice to other people but we forget to offer it to ourselves.

Imagine you are having a conversation with yourself. Tell yourself your problem and ask "what should I do?" then see what comes through.

And don't filter or block. Allow it to come and then later, just as you would advice given by others you can sit with it and see if it feels right.

But how do you access this amazing resource?

You have to ask.

You have to pay attention.

And you have to be open to receive.

Meditation is a great way to still your mind and allow answers and assistance to surface.

Meditate for inner guidance and wisdom

The more you practice the easier it will be. even if it is just a few minutes a day. You are training your brain to stop and you are allowing yourself to be still. And it is in the stillness that your wisdom will surface.

Over time you will naturally be able to sit longer and you will find it easier and easier.

Spending time in nature is another great way to connect with your soul and your inner voice.

discover your inner wisdom in nature

Nature is so cleansing and relaxing. It is so much easier to drop into stillness and connect with yourself when you are surrounded by trees, beside a river or by the ocean. There is something so powerful about listening to the sounds around you and socking up the beauty that this amazing planet has to offer us.

You can sit quietly and reflect. Focus on your breath and the sounds around you and see what comes to mind. You will be amazed at what your mind and soul have to offer when you give them the chance to be heard.

Being creative is another great way to connect with self.

Wisdom and knowing through creativity

Loose yourself if the process and see what comes through. The guidance may come visually in what you are creating. or it may come through sounds or thoughts. it doesn't really matter just allow the process to evolve.

Dancing, exercise and journaling are other ways to drop out of your conscious mind into your subconscious. Anything that takes our focus away from our thoughts is great.

And lastly, your 'biggest' asset - Your Inner Child.

You have a small child within you who is wise beyond your years. They have been with you through all your up and downs know you better than anybody else. They know your strengths, your fears and they believe in you! You can find out all about this amazing relationship here or you can come and have a healing to connect with her or him.

Inner Child - Wisdom Keeper

I have seen people find answers to their problems when they ask their Inner Child for advice and guidance. They truly are an underutilized resource of wisdom and guidance.

You can find out all about this amazing relationship here or you can come and have a healing to connect with her or him.

Set an intention, ask your questions, reveal your issue and just wait for the wisdom to come through.

Enjoy :)

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