Rest in the Light

Rest in the light

The more I mediate the more I am able to understand ancient teachings such as this.

There is so much joy all around us.

Though it can be hard to find at times like these, when the world is so full of suffering, anger and fear.

But the light is always there.

It is what is holding me up through these difficult times.

My friend, my companion, my strength.

We look for escapes from our suffering and pain. We self medicate, shop, drink and use other methods of escapism.

But the greatest way to break free from all the negativity is to go within and to connect to the light.

The more you are able to do this the easier it gets, just like any other discipline.

We are so lacking in joy in our lives at the moment. We so need to find a respite from these difficult joyless times.

And we need to rest.

So why not rest in the light. Allow it to recharge you.

To fill you with joy, with peace and with hope.

Even a minute will help.

Sit quietly. Focus on your breath.

Imagine you can open the chakra on the top of your head.

See light flowing down into you through this energy centre.

Breathe it in.


Be still.

Feel the light flooding you.

Filling you will vitality and positivity.

Soak it in.

Give thanks for this great gift.

Take this energy with you into the remainder of your day.


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