Mantras for Self Empowerment

Self empowerment mantra

I've been thinking a lot about self empowerment recently, and of course as the world is reflected in those around us, I have had clients with this theme as well. I just love how the Universe works!

Whenever low self worth and empowerment come though my healings with clients, and you can imagine it is quite often, the Soul is always so clear - we are loved, we have purpose and are worthy of love and happiness.

Our Soul does not doubt us. It does not put us down or believe any of the negative thoughts or beliefs that we, society or those around us try to convince us to be true. The Soul is full of love and belief in our abilities and our place in this world.

Our Soul wants us the be the best version of ourselves. And not only that it knows that we can!

So I was meditating on it the other night and these 'mantras' came through.

They are simple yet very powerful. And when you use them on a regular basis they gain power and effectiveness.

They are the direct opposite of what we often say to ourselves or are told by others. So we need to turn them around and empower the truth.

The truth that we are capable, lovable, supported and worthy.

Choose one of these and use is on a regular basis. If you find yourself speaking negatively to yourself then flip it around with one of these. When people are trying to put you down chant these to yourself.

And if one of these doesn't feel like the right mantra for you find one that is. And use it.

Never forget your awesomeness.

Love and Blessings

Selene xx

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