We are all just energy and light

We are all energy. All part of one. No separation. Just energy, light and vibration.

You hear this and you have moments where you glimpse it ever so briefly and then it's gone. But recently during the group meditations I have been running, it has become stronger and clearer.

This notion that there is no beginning and ending, no you and no me.

And it is just so beautiful.

It happens when you expand your consciousness to a point where you are no longer your physical body. When you connect with the energy and vibration all around you and become one with it.

You transcend beyond shape and form.

It sounds so cliche but when you experience it,it is so profound.

It all makes sense.

And it is not like you cease to exist either. You are fully your own being (at this stage of my consciousness and experience so far) but you are fully aware of the space within and all around.

You are experiencing this and are still having conscious thoughts and are still aware of yourself, but you are also aware of being part of something greater. Part of everything.

No beginning and no ending.

You and me but also we.

The sound and the vibrations of the crystal and Tibetan bowls has definitely helped. The vibrations and sounds they create make it much easier to connect in this way.

Riding the waves of sound and vibration.

Floating through space and time.

And it is so peaceful. So beautiful.

This notion of connection. It changes your perspective as you quite literally see the bigger picture. Trivial matters are just that.

There is so much more.

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