Setting Goals in 2017

What is 2017 your year to do?

How will you embrace the New Year and a new you? Not that there is anything wrong with the you you are right now but it never hurts to fine tune and polish the wonders that are you, or if required to give yourself a massive overhaul once in a while.

The New Year is the perfect time to take stock of how things are going, where you want to go and how you truly want to live in this world.

My New Year transition came out of nowhere a few weeks ago when I watched a documentary on Minimalism (not the art form, but the movement of living with less). It really struck a cord and I have been letting things go ever since. It has been so liberating and it is how I will be embracing 2017 (more in a later post).

But what about you? Has the energy of the New Year already kicked in? Have you been feeling a pull to make changes in your life? Is this the year to finally do something you have always dreamed about? Or have you not given it any thought at all?

Here are some things that came to my mind to get you thinking -

Do any of these sound like something you have been thinking about?

New Year resolutions have been around for centuries and although they often are broken by the end of January I believe that if you really want to change and get help along the way you can change.

People change all the time. They break old habits and let go of things that do not serve their greater good. So why not now? Why not you?

I've been busy over the last 12 months studying life coaching and am excited to combine what I have learnt and with my existing skills and help you to achieve your goals.

To do this I have created a "New Year's Resolution Package" so you can have the support you need to keep on track and achieve your goals.

If this sounds like something that you want to do get in contact and take the first step in achieving those goals.

Happy New Year!

Happy goal setting!

Selene xxx

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