Energy Healing Massage

Energy healing is traditionally a non-touch therapy. It is very effective in helping you to understand and improve your thoughts and beliefs, release trauma and stress, reduce physical and emotional pain and help you to feel better in mind body and spirit.

Much of our lives, our memories and emotions, stresses and fears are stored within our bodies and massage has been used for centuries to release these pressures, so it was only logical that I combine these two amazing therapies and offer my clients Energy Healing Massages.

Sessions are either 90 or 120 minutes long to allow time to truly be present, discuss your issues and what is happening with you. You are given time to work through your thoughts, to verbalise and to be heard and to discuss what you would like to work on before getting onto the massage table.

Once the massage begins you are lead through a series of release commands that allow you to let go of old, negative and disempowering thoughts, beliefs and the energy that hold them in place.

This is a very important part of the session as it is your thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and create drama, unhappiness and negativity in your life. As you let them go you set yourself free and allow yourself to be who you are truly meant to be.

Past traumas can also be healed, pain and suffering released, and self sabotaging habits recognised and removed. They are then replaced with thoughts and energy that bring you peace and happiness and allow you to grow and become empowered and free.

It's just like emptying out your fridge of all the moldy rotten gunk and filling it up with nice healthy, wholesome food! It's good for your body and good for your Soul!

Inner children are often met, and a relationship is developed with this vital aspect of yourself. From personal experience and from seeing my clients development this relationship with your inner self can be the biggest game changer in your healing and road to empowerment. If you haven't met your inner child yet then you are really missing out!

The session finishes with a gentle head and face massage allowing you to drift off into bliss and leave the session feeling calm and relaxed. You are then placed within a protective shield to stabilize the healing and allow for safe and effective integration and protection over the following week.

As regularity of treatment is the most effective, (and hey who wouldn’t want to get regular massages, right?) I have created an incentive to keep you on track and save you money. If you book a massage or regular energy healing within 2 weeks of your last treatment you will get $20 off! How cool is that!

I look forward to seeing you and helping you on your journey to a better brighter you!


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