Get moving one step at a time

For most of my adult life I was go, go go. I never struggled with my weight, was a size 8 and until very recently had never had cellulite! I didn't have a car and would walk or rush from place to place.

Then a few years ago I turned 40, got a car and moved away from the city. I had nowhere to go and nothing to do. I stayed home most nights and TV become my new norm. The weight crept on slowly and it wouldn’t come off just by cutting out the “bad” stuff as had worked all my life. I kind of just ignored it for a while and then I noticed my clothes getting tighter and things even not fitting. Things had changed!

This was all so new to me as I had never been somebody who had to watch their weight but those days were obviously over. I also noticed I wasn’t as fit as I had been and when I got back onto my yoga mat after a long hiatus (a break for a hamstring injury had become a full time hoilday) I noticed that my flexibility had seriously declined especially around my upper back.

All of this literally got me off my butt and into action, but ever so slowly. I joined the gym and enjoyed the treadmill but just didn’t get there enough as I was now living between two cities due to a new relationship. I moved back to the city and started to walk to places when I could and continued to watch what I was eating. But I was still spending most nights at home and on the couch, curled up with my new man.

The weight was still there and I was feeling really lazy, I felt like I was stagnating! I just wasn’t me and I had become stuck. In Ayurveda it is seen as having too much Kapha, the elements of water and earth. Together they are heavy and dense and you can literally get stuck in the mud.

So I made a plan. I got a workout app and started doing some workouts at home but not early as often as I should. I bought a Fitbit for motivation and accountability and it worked for a while until I cunningly started only wearing it on days I knew would track good results! But it did help me to see how much I needed to move and how little I was moving on certain days.

So then, after advice from my sister, I decided to give running a try. I started running around the park and even tried running on the beach. Oh my god that is so hard!! I tried to stay motivated but it wasn’t really working as I had hoped. Then I read about the app 0 - 5 ks. It is designed to get you running from zero, which as pretty much were I was, and to build you up over several weeks to 5ks. It also prevents you from injury as you build your muscles and fittness. It sounded like it could work, so I downloaded it, got some new runners, some new activewear (for inspirations) and an armband for my phone and was set to go.

Progress was pretty slow at first but then something happened and I actually wanted to run, had to run! I became unstuck! I pulled myself out of the mud. I still haven’t gotten to 5 ks yet and it has taken me a lot longer than the few weeks the app suggests but I am doing it. And I feel better and can fit into some of those clothes again. It really has helped and was exactly what I needed.

All my hardwork was rewarded the other week I went to a bush walk with my friend. It was a walk that we had done about the same time last year. Its about 5 ks each way and goes down to a bay. The bay is quite a way down and therefore a steep long walk back to the top. When I did it last year I thought I was going to die and it took me so long to get back to the top as I had to keep stopping. I was so unfit! It was another wakeup call! The when we did the same walk 2 weeks ago I had no trouble walking up and didn’t have to stop once! I was so proud of myself and so happy to see how much I had improved. I was really rewarding.

So the moral of this story is baby steps! Don't try to run 5 ks when you never walk further than the car. Set realistic goals and stick to them. And if it takes you twice as long, as in my case, then so be it as long as you don't quit and you get there in the end that's all that matters! Acknowledge your progress and reward every try.

So what positive step can you take today to be more active? Make a plan and take the first step!

All the best and happy progress!

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