Embrace your Inner Spring!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to come out of your winter slumber.

Nature and the seasons are a great gift to us all. They give us a chance to embrace change and connect with the world around us. Follow these simple Ayurvedic tips to have balance and harmony in this change of season.

For many of us Winter is a time to retreat. The days are cold and short and it’s like nature is telling us to slow down and take time out from all our busyness. We spend more time at home and may even slow down too much, put on weight and loose some of our motivation.

Then along comes Spring and as the name implies we spring back into life. The sun rises early in the morning and it’s easier to get out of bed. We want to go outside and be more active. There is a shift in our energy as we embrace the joy that this new seasons brings.

Make some resolutions

Spring is a great time to do some internal spring cleaning, to set goals and to let go of old outdated habits. Although New year is a time when we traditionally make resolutions as to what we would like to change I think Spring is also another great opportunity to spring clean our minds and our lives. Energetically it just feels right.

Create a morning routine

Ayurveda is all about having a morning routine. It is so important for so many reasons. Firstly, it make s the mornings mean something. It gives us time to be and to connect with ourselves and our day. It show self love and respect as we priorities ourselves and allow ourselves time to do something good for our mind, body and spirit.

Waking up and rushing around then either skipping or gobbling down our breakfast is bad for your digestion. It also puts you into a fight or flight situations, bringing you stress and anxiety. Not a great way to start the day!

We should be starting our days peacefully, with respect for ourselves.

It doesn’t have to take that long and you will notice a ripple effect throughout your day as you are calmer and more centered.

Good things to do as part of your morning routine are:

  • Wake up early enough to do all the things you want without rushing or feeling pressured. This will be a lot easier and enjoyable if you go to bed earlier, 10 pm is what you should ideally be aiming for.

  • Do some gentle yoga or stretches to wake your body up. Then you can either increase the intensity with more dynamic poses and sequences or you can go for a run or a brisk walk if you have time. This helps to clear the cobwebs and gets your energy going for the day ahead.

  • Do a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing or other pranayama (breathing) techniques you know. if you do not know any then find a Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga or meditation teacher to teach you.

  • Meditate, go within, listen, be.

  • Scrape your tongue and swish some sesame oil around in your mouth (oil pulling). It is really refreshing and removes and toxins that have accumulated in your mouth during the night. It also is great for your digestion and a staple of an Ayurvedic daily routine.

  • Make a healthy breakfast and sit down and enjoy it.

  • Make a healthy lunch and snacks to take with you to work. If you prefer you can do this the night before.

This may sound like a lot but you could realistically do it in 30 minutes, longer if you have the time.


Get your body moving and your heart pumping. If you haven’t done any exercise for a while take it slowly and build your practice increasing the intensity and frequency each week.

Set a goal and work to it. 10 minutes a day is a great starting point.

Get it o the garden and if you don’t have a garden buy some pot for your balcony and create a green space to sit in. Plus it is surprisingly good exercise!

Eat with the season

When you eat according to the seasons you are able to align yourself with the cycles of the Earth and eat what nature intended when it is intended.

If you don’t know what foods are in seasons then look at the prices. Whatever is cheap is probably in season so focus on that.


You body will naturally start detoxing as the weather warms up. All the heaviness of winter, yes the extra kilos and stored up mucus and phlegm (yes I know!) are ready to leave your body.

You can help this by:

  • Eating fresh light bitter foods such as dark leafy greens. Yeah for kale!

  • Drinking ginger tea

  • Drinking dandelion and nettle tea

  • Avoiding heavy, greasy stodgy foods. Perfect for winter but not what you need as you transition into spring

  • Exercise and move your body

  • Wake up early

  • All of the above!

Detox your house

  • Spring clean

  • Throw out all your old clothes

  • Open the windows and curtains and let the fresh air and light into your home and life

  • Light some incense or smudge your house with some sage

Give these ideas a try and see how you go. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it.

Best of luck and enjoy the Spring xx

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