How to break free of old habits


Do you feel trapped in life?

How do we become stuck in situations, routines, habits and relationships that do not serve us well? And how is it that we can break free and release ourselves to grow? How do we create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful? A life that makes us happy, shinny and healthy?

Firstly, we have to see that we are trapped and stuck and then we have to make a conscious decision to make changes. These changes may not be easy but they are necessary so that we can escape. And this can be the hardest part.

As the saying goes ‘the first step is usually the hardest’. But if you never take that initial step you will never move, and you and your life will remain the same.

Step 1 : Create a Vision

Once you have decided to take that first step you need to decide just what it it that you want. Think about what it is that you really don’t like about your current situation and what it is that you would like to change. Then think about what it is that you would like to see replace it. Take some time with this and allow it to develop. Give yourself time to dream. And dream big, you deserve it! Don’t let that inner voice of doubt and fear get involved.


Tap into your wisdom, your voice that tells you anything is possible, the voice that supports you and lifts you up. This is the voice of your Soul.

Don’t get bogged down too much in the practicalities at first just allow yourself to dream. Visualise what this alternate life looks like. What is different about it? What have to released and what have to added?


Step 2: Make a Plan

Place yourself in that dream and feel how it feels, how you feel and breathe it in.

Start to energise it. If any negative thoughts, doubts and fears rise up just let them go. Breathe them out and focus on what you are creating.

Once you have a strong vision of what you want, how you want to feel, what you want your life to look like then you need to get practical and formulate a plan to get you there. Again take your time and think carefully about what you need to do to make this into a reality.

When you have identified the steps that you need to take start to arrange them

Step 3: Get support

It’s also very important to have people to support you through this transition. Let those around you know what you are doing and why. As long as you have thought it through carefully and have a solid plan in place and a strong vision of what you want and you believe in yourself then don’t let anybody pull you down.

Support is always important in our lives especially when we are facing new situations and going through transitions.

If you have a therapist or a healer that you trust make an appointment to see them and let them know what you are doing. Let them help you through the uncertainty and any challenges that may surface.

Step 4: Watch your thoughts

Our ego and those voices in our head are not always that keen on us making changes. They like to remind us of all the times we have failed, how others have failed, they tell us where not good enough and of all the reasons why we shouldn’t. But dig deep enough and you can find voices that believe in you and want you to succeed.

If you find yourself having negative thoughts or if you hear the voices of doubt and fear whispering in your ear use your breath and your intention to let them go.

Imagine you can breathe them out of your mind. You can even visualise them being blown away if that helps. Stop, catch the thoughts and them let them go. Once you have let them go then fill up your mind with some positive affirming thoughts to replace them. “I can do this”, “everything will be ok”, “My plan and vision is strong” are good examples. Play around with some and you will know when you have found the right ones for you and your journey.

If you need any help along your journey then come in and see me for an energy healing or arrange a Skype session. I'd love to give you some one on one guidance and support.

May you be blessed with inspiration, positive thoughts and all the support you could ever dream of as you take this leap towards a happier more fulfilled you.

Bucket loads of blessings for your journey.

Selene xx

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