Ayurveda is very interested in how our body reacts to everything we absorb through all of our senses. It knows that we are the by-products of all that we come into contact with.

It knows the value of herbs as medicine and how they can be used internally and externally to treat not only our physical body buy our mind and emotions as well.

Bergamot is a great oil to have on hand and one that I always have in my massage kit. It is part of the citrus family and has been widely used in both India and Europe for centuries.

One of its major benefits is that it is an anti – depressant and balances both Vata and Kapha and the main reason I will add it to a massage oil. It gives people a lift, open the heart chakra, promotes clarity and can calm emotional imbalances. It is also said to be excellent for addictions.

It is also great for skin irritations including eczema, psoriasis and acne, including scarring. As with all essential oils they need to be diluted in a base oil before applying directly to the skin. And of course if you are prone to such skin irritations as patch test is always advisable before you put it all over your precious skin. Once you know it does not irritate you use it as a lotion or cream, massage oil or put it in the bath for a relaxing and nurturing soak. Another reason to add it to your bath is that it has antiseptic qualities and can be used to treat fungus, thrush and bladder infections.

Did you know that it is the ingredient that changes regular tea to Earl Grey? Maybe it is because it is used to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or maybe it is because it is an appetite stimulant. It is also known to help a sore throat, treat intestinal parasites, flatulence and fever. And to think all these possibilities in a simple cup of tea! I love discovering stuff like this, and seeing the logic in things that have become commonplace within our lives. It’s just another example of how herbs have been used for centuries to treat everyday problems, and how the reason behind the things we do once had more meaning and reasoning than we give them credit for.

If you don't have any Bergamot I highly recommend you get some. Pull it out when your feeling low, have a bath and let it help you come back to center. If you don't have any Bergamot I highly recommend you get some.

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