Find your happy place

I have been on a spiritual path for a while now, well technically all my life as I was taken to church every week and educated in the catholic system, but you know what I mean. I think that upbringing definitely helped me have a sense of wonder in something greater than myself, and the idea of a soul. Not to mention cool things like miracles or what some would call alchemy, and of course being quiet and connecting with this unexplained power that connects all living things and thrives on love, joy and bliss.

That is what meditation is to me, connecting to that which is inside of me and all around me. Pulling myself up, and allowing myself to expand into a greater version of myself.

I look at people in my life and how unhappy they are and I can see that they have nowhere to escape it all, no skills or tools to handle life, and it is just so sad. If only they knew how to create their own happy place go retreat to. But it is possible. Though it does take some discipline. Sitting still can be a struggle at the beginning, especially now with our smartphones and our overstimulated minds, but with a little bit of patience and a lot of persistence it is possible. Even a few minutes a day will make a world of difference. You can even do it on the bus on the way to work, nobody would know. I do it all the time, every morning in fact!

Once you have been doing it for a while it becomes much easier and you will start to look forward to it and feel it feeding and nourishing you. You will feel calmer and more relaxed and life will get a bit easier.

Things will still happen in your life, it is not a magic pill, but you will be able to handle them better. And when something tricky does come up you can use this to help you. Just take yourself off to somewhere quiet, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Within minutes you will feel calmer. You will be in your happy place, the place that you have created with each meditation you have done, the place of your soul, of stillness and wisdom.

Answers, inspiration and solutions to your problems can be found here in the silence, or maybe they will come later. But the thing is you will have escaped the chaos.

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