What do you feed your consciousness?

I was just thinking about the things we see and how they affect us. My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of inspirational quotes and pictures of people's lives, but occasionally I am subjected to some things that I really don't want to see and have in my consciousness, such as, racism, anger and other forms of negativity.

And it made me wonder – how did they find such things to share and post and why would they think others would want to see them? I guess they are things that they are interested in and obviously folllowing but why would they follow something that generates such negativity? What a different experience it must be for them to check their social media sites throughout the day.

This got me thinking about how it must be affecting their minds, vibrations and energy fields. It just can't be good. Why subject yourself to such things? Why focus on such negative thoughts when there is so much good to focus on? Life's too short to be focusing on the things you don't like. "Liking" things that annoy you, following pages that stir up hatred and anger, judgment and fear, how can it be good for you?

“News feeds”, just like everything else we take into our consciousness and digest, can feed us positively or negatively. We can choose to feed ourselves with positive high vibrational thoughts and images or we can feed ourselves with things that are going to bring us down.

Why not follow something that lifts you up? Something that inspires you and makes you smile?

Yes there are some things that are not great in this world but when we focus our energies on them in a negative way we only create more negativity. We become more annoyed, anxious or fearful and then we can get stuck in a swirling mass that can be hard to get out of. If you’re not happy about something then find positive ways that you can try to change the situation.

If there is nothing you can do then try not to dwell on it. If you find yourself focusing on the bad then change your thought patters and think about something you like, something you find good about people or the world. If that’s too hard then think about nature and its beauty.

Fill your news feed with things that nourish you, that fill you up and open your heart.

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