Choices and the Soul

Every day we make choices about a whole range of things. From the mundane, such as what to have for breakfast, to the big choices that change our lives. With each choice we form the path that is the journey of our soul. Each time you choose to do A over B or go straight to C you are placing another stepping stone along the path and those choices are either leading you closer to your spirit or further away.

What you have for breakfast may not seem that important to the development of your soul but it is an indicator of the value we place on our health and ultimately ourselves. The same can be said for exercising and relaxing. When we choose to stay in bed instead of doing our yoga practice, going to the gym or taking a morning walk we are choosing to devalue the benefits of exercise on our physical and emotional well-being.

When we choose to do things that are good for us then we are choosing to love and respect ourselves.

We are choosing to honour who we are and what we need and this brings us closer to our Spirit. There are many ways we can do this and some of them will take discipline and a change of attitude but in the end you will thank yourself.

Choices that bring us closer to our spirit -

  • Eat healthy -This shows self love and that you honour the vehicle of your Soul. Take the time to make yourself fresh food, learn to cook, buy fresh ingredients and learn to love looking after yourself

  • Exercise - Show you care about yourself enough to break through all the excuses and temptations that you use to justify not exercising.

  • Taking time out - The more time you spend away from the hustle and bustle of life both physically and mentally the more you will be able to connect with your Spirit. Meditate, go for a leisurely walk, do yoga, tai chi or lay in a bath. Find some time for yourself, to truly be with yourself and to explore who you are. Ask questions and listen for the answers. Our Spirit is ever present but when we are busy in our mind and daily life it becomes harder to hear its wisdom.

  • Have a massage - Allow yourself to be pampered and to release all the stress from your body. treat yourself.

  • Be creative - Let your Soul work through you in whatever form works for you. Draw, paint, make music, sing, dance, sculpt, it doesn't matter what you do just open yourself up to the possibilities.

  • Do things that make you happy - It's a no brainer really but something we could all do more

  • Be thankful - This is a great way to focus on the positive and find the silver linings. It also creates more of that which we are grateful for due to the law of attraction.

  • Have a healing - Don't let your thoughts control you, release patterns of behavior that are physically, emotionally and energetically unhealthy and destructive.

  • Listen to uplifting and inspiring music - A great way to “life the spirits”. You may even dance! Close your eyes and move with music and allow the freedom to transport you to your Spirit.

  • Spend time in Nature - Studies have found that being outside in nature make people feel more alive. The Journal of Environmental Psychology June 2010

  • Turn off the TV and computer - Your spirit does not live within a screen, it is inside of you and can only be reached through self exploration.

  • Stop listening to negative people including yourself - Your Spirit is not interested in negativity. Catch yourself when negativity is around you and don’t get caught up in the downward spiral. Break the pattern and create a more positive life.

  • Do something nice for others - Selfless acts of kindness are gifts from your Soul

  • Chant - A very powerful way to connect with your Soul

  • Be empowered - Say no when you mean no, stand up for yourself and take control of your life instead of letting it control you.

  • Forgive yourself and others - It does not mean you accept wrong doings but it does free you from the heaviness of the negative emotions and energies that hold grudges in place.

  • Have Compassion- It's the key to living a non-judgmental life. Remember it applies to all people and situations including yourself.

  • Love - It feeds the soul and improves everything.

  • Smile at strangers on the street. - Why? Because it makes you feel good, connects you with others and spreads joy.

  • Don't take everything so seriously! We are all guilty of this one but it really does drain our energy and weigh us down.

So there you have it choices that bring you closer to your Soul. Try them and see what happens!

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