Cleanse your chakras with a soothing salt bath

We all love to lay in a nice warm bath to ease away of stress and relieve tension from our mind and body.

But did you know that adding salt to your bath will cleanse your aura and chakras?

All people and places are made of energy and as we go about our daily activities we not only interact with people through sight and sound but we also can pick up on their energy.

Salt baths are great as a regular practice to keep your etheric body clean and to remove energies that we pick up throughout the day, as we interact with other people and move through environments that may have a lot of negative energies.

Hospitals, for example, are a mixture of the positive energies of hope, love and caring but they are also heavy with stress, worry and fear. Shopping malls, public transport, offices anywhere there are a lot of people there is a lot of energy that is not ours. When we spend time in these places our energy body mixes with all these energies and we need to release them.

It’s like the subtle and silent planting of unconscious thoughts and emotions into your unconscious mind.

Go into nature, have a drive in the countryside and you can feel the difference. There are less people so the energy is purer you feel better, you can think clearer because you are not affected by other peoples energies as much. And this is where salt baths are useful as they clean your energy body, removing other peoples energies and help you feel better.

I use Himalayan pink salt and find it best to buy the fine grain as it dissolves the best. I buy mine from health or whole foods stores. If you can’t find Himalayan salt use sea, rock or any other natural salt, just be sure not to use iodized salt as it is not something you should be using internally or externally.

I like to add some sesame oil and essential oils to the bath as well so that my skin doesn't become to dry.

This is especially important in winter or if you have Vata in your constitution like me and are prone to dry skin. When I don’t have access to a bath or am short on time I use it as a salt scrub in the shower. And of course in summer the best salt bath you can find has been lovingly provided my nature and I try to swim in the ocean whenever I can.

Aim to have a salt bath or salt scrub at least once a week to remove any unwanted energies. It’s also good to have one after any therapy, be it body work, a detox, psychotherapy or any other therapy that allows you to release stored emotions and toxins from your body.

After a fight or a particularly stressful day is also good as it will help you to move through your thoughts and emotions and let the situation go more easily.

So give it a go and tell me what you think. It really is just as important as brushing your teeth!

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