Simple steps to help you sleep

When I can't sleep I ask myself "How do I feel? Where is my mind? And how does my energy feel?"

Usually I'm anxious or thinking too much about something or have had a busy day with little down time. When I feel into my energy it feels buzzy and jittery not at all restful and calm. I also feel into where my energy is sitting and often find it's in the upper part of my body. No wonder I can't sleep!

To fall asleep you need to be relaxed in your mind and in your body, both your physical and energetic body.

You need to have your energy grounding and calming you. The breath needs to be deep and the exhalation needs to be nice and long. These are the basic principles of Yoga and meditation and can be applied to sleep.

So here are the simple steps to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep.

  • Firstly focus on your feet, your knees or anywhere that is below the waist. This brings my energy down to the lower part of your body and will help to ground and calm your mind and nervous system.

  • Then work on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and let go with a sigh. Then start breathing slowly and deeply.

  • Often when we are stressed we our inhale is much longer than our exhale and to help us to sleep we need to turn this around.

  • Count how many breaths you are breathing in and then work on increasing the out breaths. For example, if you are breathing in for the count of 8 breath then breath out for the count of 9 or 10. It might feel a bit awkward at first as you readjust your breathing pattern but just stick with it.

  • Keep adding an extra count to the out breath Breath until you are easily breathing out for longer then you are breathing in.

  • You should notice that you're feeling more relaxed.

  • Breathe in and breathe o - u - t -

  • Now that you have a rhythm bring your focus back to your feet. Imagine you can breath out of your feet. Imagine your breath moving down your body out your feet.

  • Breathe in and breathe o - u - t -

  • If your mind wanders, starts to go over things, then just bring it back to the and out

Usually by the time I have done all of this the next thing I know I am waking up in the morning and I have had a really good deep sleep.

Sweet dreams xx

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