I Love what I do!

I am so blessed, I love my job. I love going to work. It nourishes my soul. It inspires me and makes me happy. But this wasn't always the case and it took a great leap of faith to get here.

I quit my job last year, moved cities and had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I had to go. My inner voice just kept telling me that I had to move on, I had to go even though there was nothing waiting for me at my destination. And it was a real test, a test to see how I would cope with the challenges. But I am happy to say I did OK. I didn't allow myself to let fear or doubt overcome me, I didn't allow myself to get pulled down by focusing on the negatives, what I didn't have or what I had given up. I just kept believing that something was coming, something worth the lack of security and that only by being in that place of total surrender would it be possible for it to come into my reality. And it did come and it came so simply, it was just handed to me really and again it was not something that I had considered but I took it believing that this chain of events were happening for a reason and knowing that when you are fully surrendered you must follow the trail and take what is offered.

It really is true what they say about needing to close one door for another to open for if I hadn't closed the door on my old life I would not have been in a position to be offered or even accept what I have now. So if you ever get guided to throw it all in and change your life then maybe you should listen to the voices in your head because often it is your Soul talking to you trying to guide to to a place where you will find more happiness and fulfilment in your life. Jump into the abyss because you never know what is waiting on the other side. And there is always another side, always.

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