Bread, pasts, rice, cereal, cakes and biscuits. Wheat is everywhere in the western diet. We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we even snack on it between meals. It's easy and it's what we know. But more and more people are coming to realise that although we love it our bodies might not agree. Vatas in particular should not eat a lot of grains.

Since studying Ayurveda I have really cut down on the amount of bread and pasta that I eat. When I do eat it I usually have gluten, wheat or yeast free. It was not easy to make the switch as I love bread but over time I have adjusted.

Pasta was easy and the gluten free or other alternatives to wheat are just as nice and I really can't notice the difference on taste or texture. But I do notice the effect they have on my body.

I don't feel bloated, overly full after I eat pasta anymore.

Bread was a lot more difficult and a lot more experimentation was involved. The biggest issue I had was with sandwiches. The bread alternatives are just not good unless they are toasted, well that's what I have found anyway. Though I have been told there is now a new brand available that I fine to use as is, but yes apparently it is expensive. Another thing about these alternative breads, the prices are a little crazy! But if it means I can eat and not feel discomfort then I figure it's money well spent. And as with all thing supply and demand always comes into play and the prices will come down, well I hope so anyway.

So what I have been doing as alternatives to the good old sandwich is - wraps. They are so good. I usually have ones made from rice as they seem to be the best for me. If I do have bread it's usually for breakfast as toast and made from spelt. It's on the avoid list for vata but as I also have a lot of pitta it is OK occasionally.

So it could be worth trying some alternatives, especially if you are a vata like me. You might be surprised and then thankful.

If you would like to know what grains are best for your dosha have a look at the food guidelines I have created for each dosha - vata, pitta and kapha. If you are not sure what your dosha is have a look at this post and you will very easily be able to work it out. So have a look and see what grains are best for you and what ones should be avoided. Give the ones on the avoid list a break for a few weeks and then reintroduce then and see what happens. It will be an education from your body and from my experience very interesting.

Your body is always telling you what it thinks, we just have to start tuning into it and paying it some attention.

You will be thankful and those days of bloating, indigestion, gas or whatever other messages your body is sending you could well be a thing of the past.

Good luck and happy eating :)

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