Cleaning and the Gunas

Cleaning is a great example of the Gunas. I just cleaned my living room, and now I am just lying on the couch feeling so nice. So Sattvic (peaceful). Then I stared thinking about energy (Prana) and the Gunas.

The room was in need of a clean and some reorganisation. So I moved furniture, rearranged things, got rid of others and then sat down and rested.

I then noticed how amazing it felt and how the energy in the room had changed and how Sattvic it felt.

Then I thought about how busy I was and how much energy I used and how I was Rajas in motion transforming the room. I then thought about the energy of the room before and how heavy and static it was. A real Tamassic energy.

A nice simple example of how the Gunas work.

I highly suggest giving your rooms a great clean. It's such a great way to make your house and yourself and your life more positive and Sattivc.

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