Organic - It's O so Good!

Organic. It has to be one of the most exploited words of this decade. It's a sign of the times we are living in, a sign that people are waking up the the negative impact that regular farming has on our health and the health of the planet.

I often hear people complain about the price of certain things, especially things that are good for us, but they have no problem paying for an expensive bottle of wine or imported beer. It's all about priorities. Ayurveda says that food is medicine so what you eat has a great effect on your body and you can improve your health by eating well. I know not everyone can afford to buy organic food, because yes it is more expensive but if you are lucky enough to be able to you should really think about it. Or you could even look at growing your own. Lots of vegetables will grow in a pot so even if you don't have a garden it is still possible to grown something. Or try buying organic once a week it will make a huge difference to your health by just reducing the amount of chemicals you are putting into your system.

I always buy organic when I can but when it comes to fresh fruit and veg there is not a lot around. Yes there are farmers markets, but I am just so busy that I never seem to get there. Big supermarkets? No thank you. So what's a girl to do? Home delivery courtesy of the good old internet of course! There are loads of companies around now deliver and it really does not cost that much more. It's a small price to pay when you think about all the chemicals that fruit and vegetables are sprayed with. And I'm sorry but no amount of washing will ever get rid off all the nasties because they have been grown in soil that is contaminated so the chemicals are inside the cells of the food. You will eat them no matter what you do.

And then there is the whole animal product issue. You think eating fruit and veg covered in pesticides is bad then think about the quality of meat, eggs, milk etc that you get when you buy non-organic animal products. The animals in the food industry are treated so badly and they are fed so many things that are just not meant to be given to animals. Animals now live in factories and are treated like things that do not have any needs or feelings. Such treatment not only effects these animals physically but emotionally as well. So you end up consuming an animals and their by products that is full of fear, sadness, hormones and a whole range of chemicals. This can not be good. So if you buy organic you will at least be getting a better quality product and hopefully the poor animal will not be subjected to such cruel practices.

So if your like me and are having a hard time finding fresh organic fruit and veg then jump on the net and let it come to you. Have a look around at the different companies as some let you have more control of what you do and don't want. It's very handy for people who are following an ayurvedic diet and are trying to balance themselves through correct diet.

This is a link to the company I use

So eat well and be well. Your body will thank you!

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