Post Cleanse Update

It's been a few weeks now since I did my gallbladder/liver cleanse and I have to say I feel fantastic! I have really felt a lot better, clearer and lighter since. My tongue is noticeably clearer and there are also no teeth marks on the side.

This tells me that what I am feeling is true - I am happy on the inside!

I was a little naughty last week and had some cake and chocolate. Once that genie is out of the bottle it sure does enjoy it's freedom! But I managed to get it back in quite quickly and easily compared to the past. I indulged and then moved on. However not quick enough and I also broke out as a result. You would think at 38 I really would be past spots! It just goes to show that my body and my taste buds do not really agree on what "good" really is. But I can see my mind starting to play a more vocal role in it all and it is no longer being completely controlled by the sweet taste that has lead it astray so many times before. I no longer want or think about chocolate and cakes like I used to. The cleanse is not solely responsible for this change as it has been occurring slowly over time, but it has definitely pushed me into a completely different place. A place that I have been working towards for some time and one of the reasons for doing the cleanse to begin with.

I also felt some emotional releases and within a week of finishing the cleanse I had some strong dreams related to past people and experiences and feel that through the dreams I was able to let go of things that were stuck in my subconscious.

I am also less hungry. Once I got my appetite back I was starving and I couldn't stop eating. A great sign that my agni or digestive fire had been rekindled and was also strong and well. But now that things have settled down I have noticed that I just don't want to eat as much, especially at night. It may have something to do with spring but I think it is mainly a case that I am more aware of my body and am listening to it. I stop when I am getting full, don't eat unless I am hungry and it really is changing my approach to eating.

I have also lost a little weight but that was never the plan or the reason for embarking on this journey. I just wanted to "spring clean" me and I feel I have been successful. Overall I do not think it was an overly difficult thing to do but I'm sure other may disagree. If you wish to do a cleanse and would like some advice please don't hesitate to ask.

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