Gallbladder Cleanse Part 2

Once again I have to apologise for my late posting. My plan to stay home, write about my experiences on my blog, cook healthy food, relax and recover from my cleanse took a different route early Saturday evening. Due to unforeseen family issues I had to travel 3 hours back to my parents house and did not return home until early last night totally exhausted. But that's OK some things cannot be helped and you just have to make the best of what life gives you. I will start from the beginning. At 6 pm Friday night I drank a mixture of Epsom salts and water and then 2 hours later I drank some more.

At 10 pm I drank a mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice.

It is hard to say which tasted worse but by the time I had to drink the olive oil I was just happy that I could go to bed and that I didn't have to drink anything else until the next morning. After I drank the Epsom salts I felt really cold and then when I drank the oil mixture I felt cold again. My teacher says it was the effects of my agni (digestive fire) being flushed out. As agni is a fire within us it only makes sense that without it we will experience cold. Also as I said in the last post I started to feel a bit strange quite quickly after drinking the salts and got a headache. I couldn't focus too well so just laid down and rested and the headache went away within about an hour. While I was laying there my stomach started to grumble and I could feel movement too. It was all quite interesting like I was my very own guinea pig. Then it was time for the oil. I had to drink it standing up and then lay down for 20 minutes, so I just got into bed and tried not to move and then went to sleep. At about half past twelve in the morning I had my first of many visits to the toilet.

At 6am and then again at 8am I had to take the final two courses of salt water.

I was very pleased indeed having that part all over and would not recommend drinking either unless you were serious about detoxification! Surprisingly I didn't feel too bad in the morning and had a bit of energy. I stewed 2 apples and a pear about lunch time and not long after went out with my boyfriend to a cafe and had a fresh juice while I watched him have brunch . I didn't stay out long though as I felt tired and needed to rest. When I got home I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours and felt much better. By the afternoon I had stopped pooping and was just thinking about making some soup for dinner when I spoke to my mum and decided to go and see her. I didn't arrive until after 10 pm so decided to not eat anything as I was not really that hungry and there was nothing appropriate to eat. Plus it was really late and not good for your digestive system at the best of times and would not have been good for my delicate detoxing digestive system. I woke early the next morning and went out and bought a load of fresh veggies and fruit and made a big pot of soup. I ate it slowly and carefully. I continued to eat the soup (reheated on the stove not microwave of course) the remainder of the day as I was too tired and preoccupied to cook again. The next day I had stewed apples and pears again and could feel my appetite returning. I wanted to give my mum another massage before I left so had one more bowl of soup for some energy and grabbed a banana and some yoghurt for the trip home. Finding something that I could eat on the train that wouldn't be too hard to digest was difficult. The usual healthy snack of nuts were out of the question. I wasn't really sure if a banana was the best idea or dairy but I needed something. I ate slowly and carefully and anybody watching me would have thought I was crazy chewing a banana as much as I did and I only ate a small amount of the yoghurt. My stomach started to grumble a bit after that so I decided as I wasn't really that hungry not to eat any more of the yoghurt just in case. Once I got off the train I went and had my lymphatic drainage massage. The lady asked me about my cleanse and and my current situation and decided to give me a very gentle massage as she did not want to deplete me much more. The massage felt amazing but by the time I got home only 10 minutes away I was exhausted. I just laid on the couch and was glad to be home. I mustered up some energy after resting and steamed some veggies and had a piece of gluten free bread with avocado the heaviest thing I had had in days. I was good and I didn't notice any complaints from my digestive system. It was then time for a bath and bed and a well needed sleep. When I woke up I was HUNGRY I was going to have my yummy gluten free muesli with spiced milk but then remembered about the nuts so decided to have toast with avocado instead. I hadn't had a chance to go shopping so my choices were pretty limited. Not long after I realised I was still really hungry so had some more. By the time I got to work I was pretty tired again and I think the whole weekend, the cleanse and the massage had caught up with me. Luckily Io with some lovely supportive people who helped me ease back into my life again. By the end of the day I was starting to feel good and my hunger is back again. I was going to make a kichadi but my boyfriend has offered to make palak paneer and I'm not going to refuse after the last few days. As I said things don't always go as planned and sometimes you just have to go with what you have been given. I plan to do the cleanse again, it is advised to do it again to get rid of whatever wasn't removed the first time. So I would like to especially as I wasn't able to give it my full attention. It may be a while before I am willing and able but I will do it again. I will give you a post cleanse update in a few days when I start to feel the effects. * This is a pretty intense cleanse so i would not recommend it to anyone weak, ill or underweight. It is also not recommended for women who are menstruating or pregnant. It is best to consult a health professional for advice and guidance. Here is a link to the cleanse that can be downloaded and printed.

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