Dandelion Tea

I have become a big fan of Dandelion tea over the last few months. The more I am drinking it the more I am enjoying it.

I stated drinking it because it is excellent for breasts problems as well as reducing pitta or heat in the body. So I have been drinking it about 2 times a week for the last few weeks or so and find it really satisfying. It is quite bitter and as I don't drink coffee it took a bit to get used too. It is a really good substitute if you are trying to reduce of eliminate coffee from your diet.

It helps with the detoxification of fatty and fried foods which is a pretty big part of a lot of peoples lives.

If you are also looking to reduce the amount of meat you eat this will help your body detox from that as well. The liver is the second largest organ in the body after our skin and along with the gallbladder plays an important part in the digestion of our food. Both these organs are cleared and cleaned by dandelion root, so is good for anybody who has issues with these two important organs.

As I said earlier it is beneficial for the breasts and mammary glands as it helps with breast sores, cysts, tumors, suppression of lactation and swollen lymph glands.

Have a look on the internet there is quite a bit about the use of dandelion with breast cancer patients. I can vouch for the effectiveness of dandelion in respect to sore, heavy, dense breasts before menstration. I have experienced no pain or discomfort this month leading up to or during menstration. This is a major change form the past months when I had considerable discomfort. Thank you beautiful dandelion!

Dandelion is also used to treat hepatitis, diabetes, edema and jaundice.

The last great thing about dandelion - it grows everywhere! Just go for a walk and I'm sure you will find some. How lovely for nature to provide us with something so beneficial in such abundance!

I have mine with a little milk and honey. Enjoy!

* Ayurveda cautions people with high vata from using dandelion.

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