The yogic science of breath and Pranic control.  

Thousands of years ago the great yogis of India experimented with the breath and how it effects the body, mind and spirit. They devised various practices that they used to regulate and alter the breath. From these practices and observations pranayama was born. Prana means life force or vital energy and ayama means extension or expansion. Pranayama is therefore the process of expanding the energy or life force within us. A very powerful and sacred practice.

Pranayama is a valuable tool for meditation. It enables us to go beyond our natural limitations, as it "expands our minds" and connects us with the vital energy that we share with all living things. Sitting and focusing on our breath helps us to take our mind inward and create one pointed focus.

One of the most famous and widely practiced forms of pranayama is Nadi Shodhana or more simply alternate nostril breathing. Nadis are channels that run throughout our bodies. They are connected to the chakras and therefore are seen as psychic pathways with the human system. Shodhana means purification so this particular pranayama technique is used to purify the channels of the body, mind and spirit.


The benefits of Pranayama are numerous:

  • Every time we breath in we allow oxygen into our bodies. Oxygen is very nourishing for the body so the more we breath in the more nourishment we are allowing our bodies to receive.

  • As we breath out our blood is purified of toxins.

  • With less toxins in our blood, the less blood needs to be sent to the lungs for purification. This reduces the load on the heart and lungs giving them a well deserved rest.

  • The brain is stimulated and which increases our ability to concentrate. Our work improves and our thoughts are clearer.

  • Balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

  • Stress, worries and anxiety are greatly reduced.

  • Relieves all doshas especially pitta

  • Blockages along the nadis are cleared creating a more balanced, harmonious and happier you.

  • Our ability to meditate is enhanced allowing us to reach a deeper level of spiritual awareness and understanding.

  • Improves sleep

  • Grounding


If you are interested in learning more about pranayama come and see me  and I will lead you through some exercises that you can easily do as part of your daily routine.