• Selene

Ayurvedic lactation remedies

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Another post for the new mothers. I have come to realise over time as more and more people I know have babies that although breastfeeding is natural it is not always easy.

But Ayurveda has lots of simple therapies that you can use to help make this precious time more pain free.

  • Fennel seeds: They can be taken in a variety of ways. Added to food, made into a tea or chewed as is or roasted.

  • 2 drops of fennel oil in honey water every 2 hours.

  • Fennel and fenugreek tea

  • Chrysanthemum tea

  • Mangos

  • Quality fats

  • Warm cooked foods

  • Reduction of dry foods

  • Stewed fruits

  • Milk (organic of course)

  • Incorporating sweet, sour and salty tastes into the diet.

  • Stress, fear, anger are best avoided if possible.

  • Hot baths

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