• Selene

Fighting Colds

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

I have just gotten over a cold and thought I would share what I did as I think I was able to return to health pretty quickly and without the use of any pharmaceuticals.

The key was heating up my system.

Colds are a kapha condition, they are cold, damp, heavy. The best way to fight them is with heat and of course rest. I used a lot of ginger and spices, stayed away from dairy and was feeling better in just a few days.

I had a lot of ginger as it is a fantastic herb for fighting colds.

I made pumpkin soup with ginger, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin, cardamon and black pepper. I also drank a tea of fresh ginger, cardamon and cinnamon. It was really nice and made me feel so nice. I also rugged myself up and sweated it all out. It worked a treat!

So now that cold season if upon us you might be unfortunate enough to get a cold, but do not fear and do not race to the chemist.

Go to your kitchen and use nature to heal and restore yourself to health.

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