Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing

Energy travels across time and space making Energy Healing the perfect online therapy.  


A distance energy healing works just the same as a regular energy healing. The first part of the session is spent talking about what is going on with you and your life. We discuss issues you are having, things you would like to look into and things you would like to change. You choose some specific areas you wish to work with and then we begin.

Throughout the healing you will be directed to say certain release commands and positive affirmations. You may also be guided through a visual healing process,  meet your inner child or be bathed in golden healing energy. Each healing is unique and you will receive exactly what you are meant to receive at the time for the healing you require.  

You may cry tears of pain as you release deeply held negative emotions. You may cry tears of joy as your heart opens to more love.


The healing with end with a protective shield being placed around you and your energy will be stabilized.  

After the healing, we will talk again to discuss what came up through the healing. You will be given techniques to help you integrate the healing. I will then contact you within 48 hours to check in with you and see that you are doing well. if for any reason you are feeling unstable I will give you a quick healing of no charge to re-balance and stabilize your mind and energy field.


Energy Healing

1 hour $150

Concession $60

Distance Energy Healing

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