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Guided Healing Meditation to lift your spirits, balance your chakras and bring more harmony, balance and health to your life.


We all need to escape from the pressures and busyness of life, to release all our worries and to stop planning and thinking. We all need to just stop and be.


But sometimes it is so hard to remember this simple truth because we are so caught up in all our thoughts and day to day events. Often we have our simple pleasures that we use to help us escape, and to some extent, they serve their purpose, but what we really need is to give our mind the attention and rest it deserves. We can do this by sitting down and taking time out, real time out.


Meditation is one of the most powerful, insightful, healing and beneficial things we can do with our time.


By sitting and watching our breath and observing our thoughts we learn to honour and respect what is going on in our mind. Over time and with guidance we can learn to have more control of our thoughts instead of them controlling us.


We learn to find peace within ourselves and we soon see this inner peace reflected in our life as our reality shifts to match our new perspective on ourselves those around us.


What to expect


The meditations I run are a combination of energy healing, chakra balancing, guided visualizations, music, and sound. Each one is different from the last as I tune into the energy of the group.


In preparation for the meditation, you will learn some simple breathing techniques known as pranayama. Yogis have been using these techniques for centuries to help calm the mind and bring the focus within.  


These techniques were designed to prepare the mind for going into a meditative state and really do assist you to transition from an active mind to a much quieter inner awareness.  


They are also highly purifying so will assist in the body and mind's ability to use meditation techniques as a way to heal and promote good health.

Each meditation will focus on the chakra system and uses Prana, conscious energy, to cleanse, balance and purify each charka and the nadis (energy channels) that connect them.


The content of each meditation will vary according to the energy of the group. One week we might work on love, and on another, we might look at releasing fear. These energies and vibrations will be released from your chakras, mind and energy body through energy healing techniques and verbal release commands.


Each meditation is interactive and there is no need to try to empty your mind and think of nothing. You will be actively involved in the healing process that takes place by breathing out of specific areas of your body, repeating release commands and positive affirmations.


You are fully involved and empowered in your healing and transformation.

There are times when you are guided on a visual journey where you can meet your guides and your inner child and visualise the life you yearn for.


There is often music that you can float away or you may join in a simple chant.


One thing is certain you will not be asked to sit and watch your thoughts and think of nothing!  You will always be given something to do to "trick" your mind into dropping all other thoughts as it focuses on the task it has been given.  


And don't worry about not being able to sit on the floor or cross your legs, you can sit in a chair as many people do and sometimes we will even lay on the floor for blissfully relaxing Yoga Nidra. 

So if you are interested in coming on a meditative journey with me and a group of like-minded people, please come along on Sunday evening.

looking forward to meeting you 

Selene xx

Meditation Northern Beaches Sydney

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