Kapha Dosha - Earth and Water












Kapha is earth and water so kapha people will have characteristics based on these elements. Their body, mind and lifestyle will be dominated by cold, heavy, slow, stable, fluid and oily. Just as earth implies, Kaphas are the more grounded of the three doshas. This connection to the earth can make them stuck and motivation is one of kaphas biggest problems. They are kind, calm and steady. They like stability and routine and are less inclined to embrace change. They tended to hold onto things and can suffer from attachment, greed and possessiveness. This can be a positive thing too - give them a job to do and they will see it through to the end. They are also very compassionate, calm and forgiving. This more maternal aspect could be associated with their close bond to the Earth and 'Mother Nature'. Kapha people have a large frame and will often be carrying a bit of extra weight. Most of their weight is stored around their hips and thighs and it is difficult to shift. Kaphas don't need to do much to put on weight but they really need to work on getting it off. They usually have smooth, oily skin and rarely suffer form skin disorders. Their lips are big and full as are their eyes.


This is kapha- big and beautiful. Kaphas have a steady appetite and can often go all day without eating due to their natural ability to store energy. They do well on fasts. It can take a kapha some time to digest their food and they may produce mucus as a result. Kaphas have the strongest endurance of all doshas but this can be affected by neglect and abuse. They need a lot of physical activity but will often do anything to avoid it, they prefer storing their energy rather than using it. Kaphas are cool and calm and this is how they dream. Their dreams are romantic and can be filled with water. They are heavy sleepers and often over indulge in bed. They would never be described as morning people! 

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