Meet your Inner Child and transform your life

Heal Your Inner Child

Your inner child is the most beautiful little being, a part of you that lives within you.  They know all your secrets, all your dreams, your hopes and your fears.

They are the key to unlocking your subconscious and helping you to grow and heal.

Your inner child is not you when you were a child, but a child version of your current self, all your emotions, hope and fears. All your experiences from this lifetime and all others. They have been with you the whole time.


They know you incredibly well.


By connecting to them you are able to achieve deep healing and transformation because they have a much better understanding of you really are than you do.

They have experienced every thing you have, since your birth, and even before. And unlike you,they have not disconnected from, or buried certain experiences, especially painful ones. They remember it all and hold the feeling associated with them


They have full access to every thought and emotion you have ever had.

Healing your Inner child

During a healing I will lead you through an exercise to connect with your Inner Child.


She or he might be ready and willing to meet you or they might be shy and hide.  This is nothing to worry about, it   just means we need to do some work to build her or his trust and develop a relationship with them. and i will show you how to do this during the session and in your daily life.

Once trust as been established, they will reveal a whole world of things to you.


And this is when big shifts are possible.

They are often very keen to release trauma and pain and heal wounds. Their ability to transform your inner landscape and the world around you is quite extraordinary.

They will show you parts of your self that you have forgotten and they will show you your strengths and beauty. 

And they will love your fiercely!

You will never feel alone and you will learn to nurture and love yourself in a way that is deeply healing and empowering. They really are the key to self love and personal growth.

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