Energy Healing Massage




An energy healing massage is a combination of massage and energy healing therapies giving you all the benefits of both these deeply healing modalities. 


Body work enables you to connect with your body and mind and release thoughts, memories and emotions that are laying within your being preventing you from finding peace and happiness within yourself and your life. 


Thoughts, beliefs and emotions are stored with our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. When you delve beneath your skin and look inside yourself your subconscious is brought into awareness and you are able to work with your mental and emotional blockages, let go of your past and create a future that is more in alignment with who you truly are.


You learn to understand yourself on a deeper level and with that awareness you are able to become empowered are you learn to master your mind and your thoughts.


Tension within your body can be removed as the thoughts and emotions holding them  are released and energy is allowed to flow through your body.  Muscles relax and the mind eases. 


It's a massage that goes deep and heals on a cellular level.