Empowering Relationships

Empower your self, empower your relationships.


All of life is about relationships. They are the most primary means by which we learn to find love, to get our needs met, to give and to feel the joy of living.

The cultivation of good relationships is a skill that is worth your investment of time, energy and thoughtfulness, because no one gets through life without forming relationships. The pain of love gone wrong can be understood and released, and tricky relationships can be improved when we learn how.


In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • communicate more skilfully

  • connect with people

  • create intimacy

  • resolve conflicts cleanly

  • create healthy boundaries

  • be respected by others

  • be assertive

  • experience more love

  • be personally empowered

  • understand and handle difficult emotions

  • understand other people

  • understand and meet your 8 core needs

  • understand vibration and why it's so important

  • create a healthy relationship with yourself

You will become a peacemaker!

Peacemakers are able to maintain relationships even with difficult people. They can take problems and diminish or eliminate them. They can say what they mean and be authemtic and assertive while not giving offence. They are skilled at building real, robust and meaningful friendships with a diverse range of people.

Because they are good at resolving conflict, they bring happiness, joyfulness and openness to all.

In their intimate relationships peacemakers are capable of vast love, devotion, intimacy and contentedness. They have a sparkle and zest for life that is very attractive and magnetic. 

When we lean how to live at peace with ourselves an those around us we are transformed.

What to expect

The course is a mixture of theory and discussion, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There are time when you will work with a partner or in small groups allowing you to explore the content, share stories and build new relationships. 

There will also be guided meditations designed to help you to go deeper into the concepts and allow for greater trasnformation in your relationships and your being.


And there will be lots of laughter and fun!



This is a 2 day course that will be run over 2 Sundays

Sunday 14th of May & Sunday 21st of May

10am - 4pm on both days

Attendance to both days is essential to complete the course

Notes and refreshments will be provided 

Please bring a pen, notepad and a bottle of water.

This 2 day seminar is part 1 of Empowering Relationships,

dates for Empowering relationships 2 will be announced shortly.


Seaforth Northern Beaches Sydney

Address will be given once payment has been received.



Financial assistance given to those with financial difficulties

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