Doubts, fears and the chakras

Doubts, fears and the Chakras


Every time we have an unpleasant experience it gets lodged in our body, our chakras and our subconscious. Sometimes it has been for so long or gradually built up over time, or even lifetimes, and we don't know they are there. Or maybe we start to feel different, heavy, sad or angry. Maybe we start acting differently, our physical body starts to play up. 

And when we have been hurt, put down, abandoned or treated badly in any way we internalise those experiences and they often create doubts and fears.

We doubt our ability to succeed, to be liked, or to find love to name a few.  And we fear making mistakes, taking chances or being rejected.

Does any of this sound familiar?


There are so many ways negative energies can show up in our lives. But the great news is our body is capable of releasing them.

Our doubts and fears are held in our non-physical bodies - our chakras, our subconscious and in our physical body – in tissues, muscles, and organs. And our brain. Our brain is a physical aspect of your body but it also holds our thoughts and beliefs and all our experiences.

Our thoughts and beliefs are held in our brain, and our chakras. Our Ajna Chakra and throat chakra are where our programming is held. And during an energy healing, I work with clients to clear and remove any programs that they are holding that are keeping their pain in place. Thoughts and energies that are creating thought loops that keep reliving past painful experiences or thoughts that feed doubt sn fears.

Which Chakra holds what doubt and fear?

Each of the chakras relates to different physical and emotional aspects of our lives. And during the energy healing I will tune into the chakra what corresponds with the doubt or fear you have been experiencing. I will then direct enregy to the particular energy to shift any negative energies. 

So for examples of you are doubting your ability to attract a loving partner then we will have a look in your heart chakra and see what needs to be addressed.

The base chakra is about finances, family and security so this is a great place to work on releasing those issues, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears around these things. 


Our navel chakra is all about empowerment and our Solar Plexus chakra is where our self-worth of lack of it resides.  If you doubt your ability to do something or believe (often buried deep within your subconscious) that you are not worthy of something then we will work at removing these beliefs and the energies that hold them in place. 

Our Ajna chakra is the master chakra and it is here that I do a lot of reprogramming with my clients. 

I have generally found that during a healing, although we will be focused on the corresponding chakra, often energy will also be shifting out of other chakras areas of the body. And this makes total sense as we are not built up of individual pieces that work alone. We are complex beings and every part of our physical and non-physical bodies are interrelated and constantly talking to each other.

It all very good to release all the doubts and fears but that is only half the journey. Now the fun part starts!

We reprogram you and fill you up with positive and affirming energies and thoughts that will help to create new patterns of thought and vibrations that will assist you to believe in yourself to have the courage to do the things you want to do.


Doubts and fears do not have to control you. You can release them and create a better life for yourself.

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