Find your happy place

I have been on a spiritual path for a while now, well technically all my life as I was taken to church every week and educated in the catholic system, but you know what I mean. I think that upbringing definitely helped me have a sense of wonder in something greater than myself, and the idea of a soul. Not to mention cool things like miracles or what some would call alchemy, and of course being quiet and connecting with this unexplained power that connects all living things and thrives on love, joy and bliss. That is what meditation is to me, connecting to that which is inside of me and all around me. Pulling myself up, and allowing myself to expand into a greater version of myself. I look at


I love the Bhagavad Gita. I remember the first time I read it I couldn’t put it down. It was just like pages of gold that were uplifting my spirit and feeding me with concepts that I had been longing to hear. The ancient Rishis of India knew what was going on. They had such a great understanding of the mind, the body and they spirit, ancient wisdom that we have only recently discovered in the West. They understood the beauty of nature and our connection to it. They looked at life differently and understood to importance of inner peace and inner reflection. They understood that we have all that need, and that by connecting with nature, its beauty and gifts we could gain so much. It’s a lesso

What do you feed your consciousness?

I was just thinking about the things we see and how they affect us. My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of inspirational quotes and pictures of people's lives, but occasionally I am subjected to some things that I really don't want to see and have in my consciousness, such as, racism, anger and other forms of negativity. And it made me wonder – how did they find such things to share and post and why would they think others would want to see them? I guess they are things that they are interested in and obviously folllowing but why would they follow something that generates such negativity? What a different experience it must be for them to check their social media sites throughout the d

Meditate and touch your Soul

I ran meditation last Thursday night and it was such a pleasure to be able to facilitate something so beautiful. As is always the case when I run a meditation I had no idea what was going to happen I just wait and see what I am guided to do. Last week it was a sound healing using singing bowls. This week it was connecting to yourself, your breath and your Soul. It really was beautiful. It also highlighted how disconnected we can become form these things. Our breath is our constant friend as is our Soul but how often do we stop to acknowledge this? How often do we stop and just be, be with us and us alone? It really is one of the gifts of meditation and yoga, the gift of slowing down, disconn

The Wesak Moon

Once a year the energies of the Christ and the Buddha come together and spread unconditional love and compassion throughout the world. It's a great time to reflect on these two virtues and how they are playing out in your life. But it is also the time when everything that is not this, hate, judgement, envy for example, are brought into your consciousness to teach you about them. So if you are feeling a bit upset, edgy or unsettled know that this is why. Through this awareness you will be able to learn and grow and embody more of these virtues in your life. Happy Wesak


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