Eating with the Seasons - Spring

Ayurveda states that we must eat according to our Dosha (our natural body type) and according to the seasons. When we eat in this way we are able to maintain a natural state of balance within our mind and body because we are in tune with nature, ourselves and our environment. I have made this cute little list so that you can choose wisely when you go shopping this Spring. Give it a try if you are not already doing so and see if you notice and changes to your health and well being. Happy eating xx

Renovate Your Body with Ayurveda

I am very excitied to announce I am running my first workshop! It's an Anyurvedic approach to gaining and maintaining healthy body weight. Over the course of the 11 weeks you will be learning about- your Dosha (Ayurvedic body type) the role our digestion plays in weight gain and how to improve it healthy sustainable ways to lose weight change your relationship with food Eat right for your body type Bring your body back to balance Lose weight without depleting your body of nutrients and energy Understand the link between good digestion and healthy body weight Change your relationship with food Understand the signs of toxicity in your body, its link to weight gain and how to reduce it Create h


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