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I have decided to start working on Saturdays so that all the wonderful people who are busy working through the week can now come and see me on on their day off. Pop in for a lovely relaxing and therapitic Ayurvedic Massage, and Energy healing to rebalance your chakras or a Anyurvedic Consultation to learn how to eat right and live right for your body type. Call or text me on 0431 297 010 to make an appointment. I hope to see you soon Selene

Kapalbhati The Yogic Breath of Fire

Kapalbhati is an advanced Pranayama practice that clears and energizes the mind and respiratory system. With its focus on the abdomen and increased heat within the body it also stimulates and improves digestion (Agni). Kapal is Sanskrit for ‘forehead’ and bhati means ‘light’, ‘splendor’ or ‘knowledge’ and is said be a stimulating massage for the brain! It is great to clear away the cobwebs, wake you up and prepare you for meditation. It is quite a dynamic form of pranayama and creates a breathing pattern that is opposite to that of normal breathing. Naturally we pay little attention to how we breathe, but if you were to stop and pay attention, you would notice that our inhalation is active

Oil Pulling

It seems like every time I look in a magazine or on the internet there is an article on oil pulling! I’m always so excited when there is a buzz around Ayurvedic practices and the wonders of Ayurveda and thought it was part of my duty as an Ayurvedic consultant to give you the low down of this "new craze' from an Ayurvedic and personal perspective. Oil has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to treat diseases and disorders of the mouth and is best done every morning as part of your daily routine. Most of the literature you will find on the internet says to use coconut oil but the traditional oil is sesame. There are also specific herbal/medicated oils that an Ayurvedic Doctor would prescribe


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