Couples Healing

Did you know that your relationship has an energy body? It's very own set of chakras and Aura? Well is does! Just as our individual chakras hold memories, thoughts and vibrations so too do the chakras of your relationship. Every fight, miscommunication, and grudge, all unspoken words and all the anger and sadness. Everything good and bad is stored away creating blocks and holding us back from more love, more understanding and more compassion. But it doesn't have to be this way. Through energetic healing you are able to release these heavy, negative energies and allow the beauty of the relationship to thrive!

What is Energy Healing?

Our life is full of examples of how energy expresses itself in our bodies, a broken heart, butterflies in our stomach, the weight of the world on our shoulders. Our thoughts and emotions quite literally play out in our physical world and weigh us down. They create heaviness, pain and blockages throughout our bodies that can be seen in stiff necks, back aches and a whole range of illnesses and issues both physical and psychological. There is evidence of the effects all around us. We can even feel it in other people and places. We can walk into a room and just know something's not right, or have a funny feeling about someone or something for no reason. It's all energy! And it affects us in pos

Yummy Healthy Food on the Web

I love eating good, healthy food and have spent the last few weekends trawling the internet looking for healthy websites to use and recommend as I try to break free of my habitual cooking patterns and give my taste buds something new to enjoy. I am extremely grateful for all the amazing websites that are dedicated to healthy eating that I decided to share what I have found and ask you to contribute your favourite food sites for all us to enjoy. Although a lot of these sites are vegetarian I am in no way asking you to give up meat, I do not believe in pushing my beliefs and choices onto others. If you have site that are non-veg then please share them here all I ask is that the focus is on hea


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