Sleep and our Ayurvedic body clock

Why is it that we fight sleep so much? Why do we stay up when we are tired instead of going to bed so that we can get the rest our body is telling us we need? Then when we finally do go to bed we have to drag ourselves out of it in the morning, wishing for more time to sleep and rest! Why do we do this? Why do we love sleep so much but never want to go to bed? Ayurveda says that our days are divided into time frames and these time frames relate to the elements and our three doshas and effect us in different ways. Time for transformation Have you ever noticed that you are really tired but then around 10 o'clock something happens. You get energy again, you don't feel like going to bed, and yo

Antaraya's - Life's Obstacles according to the Yoga Sutras

Antaryas the Yogic word for obstacles and Patanjali wrote about them extensively in the Yoga Sutras. Obstacles are one of the things that that many people would be familiar with whether they have studied yoga or not. They are issues that people of all walks of life face. Illness, doubt, impatience, distractions and loss of confidence are obstacles that we all face throughout our lives. We seek help in therapy, long discussions with friends and self help books and we try to block them out with shopping, drinking or other feel good activities. But rarely do we find the true nature of the issues or even more rarely do we find peace. Yoga Sutras are a way of trying to find the answers. They prov


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