Hot Water

Here is a super easy way to clear ama/toxins from your body, build immunity and keep your agni/digestion healthy - Drink Hot Water! Simple but true! No need for things to be complicated. Sip it throughout the day and see what happens.

Autumn Changes through Ayurveda

Well here we are at the beginning of another season. The weather has started to cool down, the winds are blowing and we need to make adjustments to combat these changes so that we don't get out of balance and sick. As you can imagine an increase in coolness and wind will increase the vata in all of us, and if you have vata as your dominant dosha you need to even more careful. But don't worry, it's all very easy and it's what we naturally do anyway. Ayurveda works on the principle that "like attracts like" and the best way to stop an imbalance is to increase the opposite qualities. Vata is ether and air and the qualities of these two elements are light, dry, variable, and cold. Vata retains i

ANZAC Day -A day of Peace

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia. It is a national holiday dedicated to the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. The origins of the day goes back to The First World War and a great loss of soldiers from these two countries that happened on the beach of Gallipoli in Turkey. Over time it has come to include all soldiers from all wars fought by these two nations. I do not in any way condone war in any shape of form but do believe we need to honour those who have died and give them the thanks they deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also think it is a great day to think about world peace and how we as individuals can change the world with our thoughts and actions. I really

Fighting Colds

I have just gotten over a cold and thought I would share what I did as I think I was able to return to health pretty quickly and without the use of any pharmaceuticals. The key was heating up my system. Colds are a kapha condition, they are cold, damp, heavy. The best way to fight them is with heat and of course rest. I used a lot of ginger and spices, stayed away from dairy and was feeling better in just a few days. I had a lot of ginger as it is a fantastic herb for fighting colds. I made pumpkin soup with ginger, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin, cardamon and black pepper. I also drank a tea of fresh ginger, cardamon and cinnamon. It was really nice and made me feel so nice. I also rugged

Morning Mantras

Some people have their own mantras that they say each day. These mantras may have been given to them by their spiritual teacher or guru, or maybe they found them in a book, on the Internet or heard in a song. These mantras when said repeatedly day after day become very powerful and have many positive effects on the person who uses them. Mantras are a wonderful practice, but what if you do not have one? What if you don't feel a connection to Hinduism, it's language and practices, or do not feel like incorporating something so "spiritual" into you day? Well the answer is simple, use a positive affirmation. So instead of waking up and saying "Om Namah Shivaya", or "Om Mani Padme Hum", say "Toda

Balancing Vata when Flying

Travelling by air can be very unbalancing for people, especially those whose main or secondary dosha is vata. Vata is made of ether and air and is mobile, dry and light. When a person with high vata flies they are taken into the air, moved at high speed, enclosed in a dry air-conditioned environment and put in a situation that often creates anxiety. All these things go against what vata needs for stability. Vata needs grounding. Luckily there are things that vatas can do before, during and after their flights to make the experience less aggravating. Essential oils, massages, pranayama, meditation, asana and food can all be used to keep this dosha as balanced as possible. Massages are fantast


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