My New Daily Routine

Yes I have a new daily routine. After spending the last 2 years trying to find a routine that suited me, starting one, sticking to it, not sticking to it (so Vata!) feeling bad about not doing it and then coming round again I have finally found sothing thati am sticking to and loving. It is not the same as the Ayurvedic books promote or what I too have written about on this blog Dinacharya- The Ayurvedic Daily Routine. But it is what works for me and that is what Ayurveda is all about. We need to adapt the practises and principles of Ayurveda to suit our needs, lives, and personalities. So that is what I have done and I am so happy and it really has become a part of me. It is something tha


Bread, pasts, rice, cereal, cakes and biscuits. Wheat is everywhere in the western diet. We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we even snack on it between meals. It's easy and it's what we know. But more and more people are coming to realise that although we love it our bodies might not agree. Vatas in particular should not eat a lot of grains. Since studying Ayurveda I have really cut down on the amount of bread and pasta that I eat. When I do eat it I usually have gluten, wheat or yeast free. It was not easy to make the switch as I love bread but over time I have adjusted. Pasta was easy and the gluten free or other alternatives to wheat are just as nice and I really can't notice

Aloe Vera

Our gardens are full of medicine and healing, we just have to know where to look. Aloe Vera is a great example of garden plant that is full of medicinal properties. It is easy to grow as it needs little water or maintenance. What more could you want? Most of us are probably aware of it's ability to sooth the skin. It is very cooling so is great for skin conditions that result from high pitta such as acne and eczema. Apply it to the skin and you will feel it's soothing effects. If you have a rash, scar, wound, burn, psoriasis or stretch marks you can break a piece straight off the plant and rub it onto your skin. It works really well for mouth ulcers too. No need for creams and lotions, jus


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