Pranayama - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Pranayama - the yogic science of the breathing and energy direction. Thousands of years ago the great yogis of India experimented with the breath and how it effects the body, mind and spirit. They devised various practices that they used to regulate and alter the breath. From these practices and observations pranayama was born. Prana means life force or vital energy and ayama means extension or expansion. Pranayama is therefore the process of expanding the energy or life force within us.It is a very powerful and sacred practice. Pranayama is a valuable tool for meditation. It enables us to go beyond our natural limitations, as it "expands our minds" and connects us with the vital energy that

Yoga - Benefits and Precautions

Yoga is GREAT! It is bursting with benefits and can help people in so many different ways. It is relaxing, it strengthens the mind and body, it calms our nerves, it gives us focus and it gives us energy. I could go on and on! It is is being embraced all around the world by millions of people for a reason. I am studying to be a yoga teacher at the moment and have my first asana exam at the end of the month. I need to know how to teach a variety of level 1asanas to my classmates who will be posing as a beginners class. So I need to give nice, clear instructions and demonstrations. I also have to know the benefits of each pose and just as importantly I need to know the contra-indications of the

Cleaning and the Gunas

Cleaning is a great example of the Gunas. I just cleaned my living room, and now I am just lying on the couch feeling so nice. So Sattvic (peaceful). Then I stared thinking about energy (Prana) and the Gunas. The room was in need of a clean and some reorganisation. So I moved furniture, rearranged things, got rid of others and then sat down and rested. I then noticed how amazing it felt and how the energy in the room had changed and how Sattvic it felt. Then I thought about how busy I was and how much energy I used and how I was Rajas in motion transforming the room. I then thought about the energy of the room before and how heavy and static it was. A real Tamassic energy. A nice simple exa

Organic - It's O so Good!

Organic. It has to be one of the most exploited words of this decade. It's a sign of the times we are living in, a sign that people are waking up the the negative impact that regular farming has on our health and the health of the planet. I often hear people complain about the price of certain things, especially things that are good for us, but they have no problem paying for an expensive bottle of wine or imported beer. It's all about priorities. Ayurveda says that food is medicine so what you eat has a great effect on your body and you can improve your health by eating well. I know not everyone can afford to buy organic food, because yes it is more expensive but if you are lucky enough to


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