Slow Down

Slow down and listen to your body. This was the message from my pranayama (yogic breath awareness) teacher Sindar Kaur today. Often we are too busy to take the time to check in with how we are feeling or what our feelings mean. Other times we push them aside because we don't want to deal with them or simply don't notice. It's the same with our bodies. How often do we push on when we are tired, keep eating when we are full or not listen to injuries? So what can we do? How can we slow down and pay attention? The answer is simple - yoga. Do yoga and do it with the intention of slowing down and becoming aware of what you are feeling, thinking and doing. Don't just go through the motions, be pr

Spring - New Season, New Approach

With the change of seasons comes a new way of life. Ayurveda has different approaches to each season so that we can life in harmony with the new temperatures, lifestyle changes and diets that accompany each season. Some things we naturally do, such as, eating a lighter diet of salads and fruit, but others are not so obvious. Ayurveda believes our bodies are a living microcosm of the Universe. So everything that exists in the universe exists within us. With this in mind our bodies reflect the changes of the environment we live in, so as the spring melts the snow on the land, the new warm weather melts all the mucus that has developed in our bodies over the winter. One of the first things we n


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