Dandelion Tea

I have become a big fan of Dandelion tea over the last few months. The more I am drinking it the more I am enjoying it. I stated drinking it because it is excellent for breasts problems as well as reducing pitta or heat in the body. So I have been drinking it about 2 times a week for the last few weeks or so and find it really satisfying. It is quite bitter and as I don't drink coffee it took a bit to get used too. It is a really good substitute if you are trying to reduce of eliminate coffee from your diet. It helps with the detoxification of fatty and fried foods which is a pretty big part of a lot of peoples lives. If you are also looking to reduce the amount of meat you eat this will hel

Postpartum Therapies

There have been lots of beautiful babies come into my life this year and another just entered the world on the early hours of Saturday morning so I thought I'd have a look in my books to see what Ayurveda has to offer the postpartum mum. I think we tend to focus a lot on the mother while she pregnant but once the baby has been born all the focus goes off the mother and onto the baby. This is of course fantastic for the baby but what about the mothers who have just spent 9 months making life and then hours in pain bringing it into the world. How much TLC do you think they need? In India things are different. The mother is really well looked after at least the first 2 months after the baby has

Ayurveda - Balancing the Gunas

The Gunas are a major aspect of Ayurveda and Yoga. They are the three qualities of nature that all things are made up of - energy, matter and consciousness. They are in everything that we see, hear and touch. They are in our food, in our bodies and in our mind. Just like the doshas these three qualities are evident in each and everyone of us but the proportional balance will differ due to our thoughts, feeling and actions. As we live our lives we are constantly increasing and decreasing these qualities within us and if we want to find harmony, balance and health we need to be mindful of which we feed ourselves with the most. Let's have a look at each one individually. Tamas Tamas is mass, it

How to make Ghee

Ghee is clarified butter and highly valued in Ayurveda. It is used therapeutically because it is a yogavahi, which means it carries the medicinal properties of herbs into the 7 tissues of the body. This means that the absorption and assimilation of the medicinal properties and nutrients of whatever herbs you use when you cook with ghee will be greatly improved. A lot of people have issues with adsorption. They may even be eating a really healthy diet but if they have problems with absorption then all those good nutrients will be of little benefit. So how do you know how well you are absorbing nutrients? Have a look at your tongue! The tongue is used as a form of diagnosis an Ayurveda and can

Dinacharya - The Ayurvedic Daily Routine

In Sanskrit the daily routine is called the Dinachrya. Din means 'day' and acharya means 'to follow' or 'close to'. So you could think of it as being 'close to the day'. Making the start of the day something special, bringing some ritual to your life and taking the focus off your job or daily chores is something that I think we could all benefit from. And vatas in particular need the stability that a routine gives them. The routine is quite detailed and will take some readjustments in your life and that is often something we find difficult. You will have to get out of bed earlier, so start slowly if you need to and then once you are feeling the benefits you will have no trouble shaving a lit

Tongue Scraping

If you take the time to examine your tongue upon waking you will notice a coating that will vary from day to day. You may also notice that the coating is thick one day and thin the next, white one day and brown the other. This is because when we are sleeping our stomach is busy digesting all the food we have eaten during the day and in particular in the evening. As the tongue is an extension of the gut, the bacteria and toxic substances that result from this process can be found on the tongue every morning. Scraping and cleaning the tongue is a very important part of the Ayurvedic daily routine as it cleans the tongue of these toxins or ama, and bacteria so that they do not return to the


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