Ayurveda focus on the causes of these imbalances and has designed many treatments and therapies to  return us to our natural state of balance.   Ayurveda understands that we are all unique individuals, with different needs and that life affects us all differently. Each of us has our own body type, personality and lifestyle and each and everyday is different.


An Ayurvedic massage understands our individuality and creates an experience that targets what you need as an individual. Although each massage will follow a set series of strokes and techniques each massage will be different as the oils, pressure and speed will be adjusted each time to suit your physical and emotional needs for that particular day.


 Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage is all about helping to restore you to balance.


A selection of organic essential oils are specially chosen to suit each individual and their current imbalances and dosha. These oils provide nourishment and work on calming and stabilizing the emotions. The medicinal properties of each oil is absorbed by the skin and carries nutrients to the tissues and cells. Specific techniques stimulate various Marma points around the body. These points are similar to acupressure points and are a unique aspect of an Ayurvedic Massage. Each point relates to the different systems of the body, the vital organs and the chakras. and once stimulated energy (Prana) is increased allowing it to flow more freely throughout your body. As it flows it releases stress, toxins (Ama), as well as physical and emotional blockages.





  • Strengthens the nerves & immune system

  • Improves sleep

  • Balances the Doshas

  • Promotes longevity

  • Balances  the mind, body & spirit ​

  • Nourishes the body

  • Increases energy flow

  • Improves digestion

  • Reduces stress in the body, muscles & mind

  • Assists in the elimination of toxins

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Stimulates the Lymphatic system

  • Feels amazing!

Full Body ​Ayurvedic  Abhyanga Massage​

1 hour - $95

1.5 hours - $125