Hi I'm Selene

Well like many people in this world I've had my fair share of suffering and pain. I know what it's like to hurt, to feel pain, sadness, shame and grief. I've been hurt and rejected and wondered what was wrong with me.

But I also know how to heal and to feel happiness and joy.

And I know how to heal others.

For many years I was on the merry-go-round of life. Running around drinking and partying, having lots of fun. I travelled the world and avoided growing up and settling down.


And I was searching. I didn't really fully understand it at the time, but I was using drugs and alcohol to experience altered states of consciousness and realities. And to connect with my Soul and Spirit.

But in 2002 life came crashing down as I was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision that ripped me apart and changed my life forever. 

I was broken, in pain and surrounded by the darkness of self-loathing, sadness and grief beyond anything I had ever experienced. I was holding it all at bay, but only just.

In 2003, I went on a pilgrimage to India and Nepal. I spent a month walking across the Himalayas and 6 months travelling through India. I did yoga, I met interesting people who were also searching and dealing with their demons and I learnt to meditate.  

I went on a 10-day silent retreat and I had a profound experience that opened the floodgates of my healing. I discovered my path to healing and redemption and I have never looked back.

I returned to Australia and studied yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing, meditation and delved deep into spiritual-studies. 

I learnt to connect with Spirit, my Soul and my guides and to the light within myself. I let go of the pain and I learnt to love myself again.


And I learnt to help others.

I have seen people walk in my door beaten and battered by life, and leave completely transformed! I have seen people dig deep into their Souls and release blocks and energies that have been holding them back for years or even lifetimes. And I have seen them heal wounds and release trauma.

i have seen people find the light within them and learn to love themselves and create a life of happiness, joy and peace.


And you can too!


I don’t have all the answers, but I am growing day by day in my understanding of this journey of the soul that we are all on. And you, my friend, have so much knowledge as well. You may not know it, but it is there within you and through energy healing and meditation you are able to connect to your Soul and tap into your subconscious and discover the jewels that lay within you.


I will do my very best to help you discover your inner wisdom, your strength and your peace. I will help you to discover yourself, to touch your soul and to connect to spirit. 


I feel truly blessed to be able to help people in this way.

Selene xx


How I work with you

  • I assist you to understand the blocks that are holding you back and help you to remove them so you can heal and move forward.

  • I help you to tap into your subconscious to gain clarity around issues and problems in your life.

  • I give you tools to use in your everyday life to help you heal and grow.  

  • I listen to you and guide you to find answers and direction. 

  • I help you to connect to your soul and your guides.

  • I help you to discover your strenghts.

  • I help you to love and value yourself.

  • I help you to gain control of your life, health and wellbeing.

  • I support you and assist you to become more of the person you were born to be.

  • I work with you to help you understand yourself more, to find your strengths and become more empowered.

  • I help you work through difficult relationships

  • I help you develop forgiveness and trust


During multiple sessions with Selene we have moved stuck unwanted energy. Selene has helped me begin the journey of going within and facing myself. Throughout a session I feel extremely connected to a higher divine source and my spirit guides.

Selene has a kind nature, an uplifting spirit and a gentle approach. She genuinely cares for her clients!

I am very thankful to have met Selene on my journey, and aside from the healing sessions always being an amazing experience, she has given me clarity and helped me see different perspectives I was over looking at the time regarding issues in my life.

I highly recommend Selene to anyone on the healing path!

Anneliese  23

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